A Quality Management System for B2B and B2G markets in 1 year

  • Delivered in 1 year by 3 developers

  • Efficient process and risk management

  • Quality control

The Story

In 2016 FINEX, one of the most experienced Quality Management consulting agency in Russia, decided to create a system for internal processes automation. Jmix (formerly known as CUBA Platform) turned out to be a perfect fit for the company’s purposes with its out-of-the-box features like business processes designer.

The prototype was developed from scratch within just 1 month. In 6 months it went live, and it took the same time to implement a number of advanced features.

The Outcome

FINEX is a Russia based 20 y.o. management consulting agency in the field of Quality Management (ISO9001) with more than 10 years of experience in the ECM area.

Now the internal system grew to the Quality Management System for B2B and B2G markets with focus on the largest manufacturing companies. The system automates the work of Consultants in the field of Quality Management.

The product contains versatile modules to reflect the company needs:

  • Process Management contains the descriptions of company processes, makes it easy to measure their quality and to control on-time fulfilment.

  • Risk Management module keeps the descriptions of potential risks and plans how to mitigate them.

  • Knowledge Management serves as a repository for official company documents.

  • Check-ups Planning, Auditing and Managing Nonconformity are functions to maintain company’s business operations internally or on the customer side. The abovementioned modules help to conduct audits in a more structured way and with perfect planning ahead.

  • Management Reporting is a module which serves to provide vital information to decision makers.

FINEX intends using Jmix further on for automating its business.

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