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Supercharge Java Developers
in Web App Development

The power of an enterprise platform with the pleasure of working in the most loved Java IDE.
  • A modern open-source Java framework leveraging Spring Boot and Vaadin Flow
  • Visual tools built into IntelliJ IDEA Community
  • Ready-to-use “enterprise” features
  • Everything is connected in a robust enterprise platform to maximize developer performance

Pro developer tools
with easy onboarding

Use all the power of IntelliJ IDEA, plus
  • Intuitive designers and code generation for data model, screens, events, access control rules, business processes, DB versioning scripts and more
  • Smart coding assistance
  • Database reverse engineering
  • Hot re-deploy for UI
  • Quick deployment to the cloud

Fast development of
enterprise-grade UI

Develop UI and backend in one language with seamless debugging in the same IDE
  • Declarative layout coupled with a rich collection of data-aware UI components
  • Zero boilerplate for backend and frontend communication
  • Responsive UI and PWA support
  • Secure server-side UI programming model
  • Multilanguage support

Ready to use features on a robust open-source foundation

Rely on Spring Boot with its vast ecosystem and convenient Jmix API.
Pick add-ons from the marketplace to get impressive results even faster.
  • Integrations with external identity providers
  • Reporting engine
  • Integrated BPM engine and designer
  • Maps with basic GIS features
  • Multitenancy support and much more...
  1. 1


    Work with code in a familiar environment, and let Jmix handle repetitive tasks with smart tools and code generation.
  2. 2


    Jmix facilitates record-time development and modernization of business applications.
  3. 3


    Using Jmix you get a standard Spring Boot application with full source code which you own without any limitations.

Jmix Community

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Mile S.

BU Manager

"Jmix makes Java developers better and helps improve productivity"

"You can just focus on the business requirements."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Thanh N.

IT Specialist & Teacher

"Jmix packed all the great things of rapid software development into a single product."

"There is no product on the market that has enough features and good price like Jmix."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Mark S.

Automation Engineer

"Great experience and the team is always working on major and minor improvements."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Raymond L.

Networks Administrator

"Jmix just works."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Robert G.


"I am totally blown away at how intuitive the product is for my development team. The support is extremely responsive, and the frequent improvements made continue to benefit the community of users."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Harikrishnadhas K.

Managing Director

"Jmix makes us focus on implementing the business needs. Other time-consuming and repetitive works are mostly taken care of by Jmix."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Igor S.


"JMIX is a product that is a great fit for many businesses that crave data integrity and need fast solutions to develop internal systems but don't want to be vendor locked."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Greg B.


"Jmix, a great way to put everything together."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Paul B.

IT & Software Development

"Great Experience to set up business Apps"

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Marc F.


"It Just Works"

"Open IntelliJ, start writing your business logic and DON'T waste time writing templates, authentication, RBAC, screen management, middleware, migrations."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Joubert v.


"Able to create applications in a fraction of the time it used to take, REST API has now become an absolute breeze. Fantastic documentation and great forums."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Georgios M.


"The ultimate RAD enterprise tool

After years spent creating custom tailor-made solutions, I found the ultimate tool to create rapidly with the best way software solutions."

рейтинг ссылка на отзыв

Patrik B.

Information Technology Specialist

"It has a fantastic balance of RAD approach, power of framework features and openness."

Highly rated by both critics and users.
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