Get Started

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Step 1
Download IntelliJ IDEA and install it.
Jmix works both in IntelliJ IDEA Community edition and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.
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Step 2
Run IntelliJ IDEA and install Jmix plugin into it.
  • In "Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA" window, switch to the "Plugins" tab and enter "Jmix" in the search field.
  • Find "Jmix" plugin and click "Install".
  • Click "Restart IDE" and confirm.
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logo IntelliJ IDEA
Step 3
Create a new project.
  • Click "New Project" in the "Projects" tab of the "Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA" window.
  • Select "Jmix Project".
  • Accept default repository and Jmix version.
  • Select "Project JDK". If you don't have one, click "Download JDK..." item in the drop-down list.
  • Click "Next" and follow the wizard instructions.
Refer to the Setup and Working with Project sections of the documentation for more information on installation and project creation.
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logo IntelliJ IDEA
Step 4 (Recommended)
Complete tutorial to cover all the Jmix essentials.