Application Modernization

Fostering legacy modernization
with the balanced approach

Legacy applications still do the heavy lifting of running the business. Business stakeholders ask for changes to keep up the pace of competition, but business logic complexity is a good reason to keep legacy alive. IT Leaders find modernizing without disrupting the business run a challenging engineering task.
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Typical Low Code platforms promise fast modernization but introduce high license costs and often fail to handle the complexity. At the same time, traditional development is expensive and slow. Jmix general purpose high productivity application platform balances between the Low Code speed and traditional development flexibility.
  • A natural fit

    Modernize enterprise applications with convenient data-centric development approach and enterprise-grade UI components.
  • Future-proof

    Build on top of mainstream open-source technologies trusted by millions of developers.
  • Easy to onboard

    Use Java or Kotlin as a single language. Simplify engaging legacy teams with visual tooling.
  • Productive

    Develop even large applications relying on extensive data model and business logic in record time.
  • Cloud-enabled

    Deploy your applications to any cloud or host them on-premise. Don’t get hooked on vendor infrastructure.
  • Cost-efficient

    Run the applications built with Jmix free of any usage or distribution fees.

Choose your modernization scenario

“Big Bang”

Rollout a complete replacement system in one go. This is the most economic and cost-efficient approach, well suited for smaller less critical applications. Use Jmix reverse engineering capabilities, screens scaffolding, and ready-to-use add-ons to streamline the process.
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Gradual Replacement

Replace complex or mission-critical systems gradually to minimize disruption risks. Develop a new application with Jmix side-by-side with the legacy one, synchronizing data to keep both systems run in parallel. Sunset features one by one, until you can discontinue the whole old system.
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Extending capabilities

Use Jmix open architecture to introduce new business capabilities by means of standalone applications. Integrate new apps into existing IT landscape using API.
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