Subscription Plans and Prices

We provide free academic licenses.
  • Free
    Best fit: post-production applications support, experienced Jmix developers
    per developer
    per month

    No credit card required

    No credit card required


    No credit card required for trial

    • No limitations on apps, users and scaling
    • Full featured framework
    • Database migration
    • Coding assistance
    • Code generation
    • Community add-ons
  • RAD
    Best fit: productive and comfortable applications development, easy onboarding
    per developer
    per month

    Billed monthly at $100 USD
    or annually at $1080 USD. Excluding VAT.

    Billed monthly at $55 USD
    or annually at $540 USD. Excluding VAT.

    Try for free

    No credit card required for trial

    Everything in Free, plus:
    • Data model designer
    • Screen designer
    • Database query designer
    • Security permissions designer
    • One-click deployment
  • Enterprise
    Best fit: adding advanced enterprise features with minimal effort
    per developer
    per month

    Billed annually at $1,800 USD.
    Excluding VAT.

    volume discounts available

    Billed annually at $1,440 USD.
    Excluding VAT.

    Try for free

    No credit card required for trial

    Everything in RAD, plus:
    • Visual BPMN&DMN modeler
    • BPM for internal automation
    • Geo Information System features
    • WebDAV protocol support
    • Notifications add-on
    • Business calendar
    • Figma UI Kit

Pricing Essentials

  • Transparent
    No hidden costs, no tricky statements.
  • Tangible results
    We aim to provide excellent ROI to our customers.
  • Easy scaling
    Pay for developer seats – no user fees.
  • Resilient
    Never get locked with the open-source core.
  • Deployment freedom
    Deploy on premise or in any cloud - price stays the same.

Trusted by Customers

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Jmix plans comparison

Smart coding assistance:
  • Database reverse engineering
  • Database versioning scripts generation
  • Inline code generation options
  • Framework conventions check
  • API misuse inspections
Intuitive visual tools:
  • Data model designer
  • Drag-n-drop screen designer
  • Database query designer
Business process automation:
  • BPM engine
  • Visual BPMN&DMN modeler
  • Custom process Forms
Designing and prototyping:
  • Figma UI Kit
  • REST&GraphQL API
  • E-mail sending and IMAP
  • Elasticsearch
  • AWS S3 FileStorage
  • Add-ons Marketplace
Geo Information System features:
  • Maps visual representation
  • Interactive geo-entites manipulations
  • Geoanalysis features
  • Notifications add-on
  • Business calendar
WebDAV protocol support
  • Fine-grained security
  • Audit logs
  • LDAP
Security permissions designer
    • Docker Image
    • Executable JAR
    • WAR
    One-button deployment
      • Community Forum
      • Documentation
      • Video tutorials
      • Trainings
      • Consultancy

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