Secure business resilience with applications
you build fast and entirely control

Deliver line-of-business applications in record time

Jmix data-centric approach and enterprise-grade UI components facilitate record-time development or modernization of LOB applications with an extensive data model. Open architecture simplifies integrations and makes Jmix an excellent backend option for customer-facing applications with advanced administrative UI.

Stay in control

Jmix is built around an open-source framework leveraging Spring Boot features. This guarantees full control over the source code of your applications and that any of 8+ million Java developers worldwide can support them. Jmix public infrastructure includes active community forum, extensive documentation and learning materials, so your team would hardly hit a wall.

Keep your developers happy 

Typical Low Code platforms aim to engage ‘citizen developers’, offering a high level of abstraction and purely visual development. Jmix advocates for a different approach, empowering professional developers with productive tools and API, retaining the pleasure of coding in a familiar environment.

Depending on the project lifecycle, Jmix boosts the development several times compared to custom open-source stack development. This is achieved by the platform’s main features: a greatly elaborated “enterprise core” and modularization.

By the enterprise core we mean:

  • Data model based on entities (objects)
  • Role based access control
  • Session management and scalability

And by modularization we mean Studio features (development speed up and unification of development approaches) and modules reuse (not just code snippets, but full-fledged modules with internal business-logic and a common core).

Igor Klopotov, Product Architect at SKB Lab

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