Streamline CRUD
applications development

with Jmix:

  • Accelerates the development of CRUD applications through a combination of high-productivity tools and an open-source data-centric web framework
  • Enables a single Java or Kotlin developer to quickly build a full-stack web application based on Spring Boot, eliminating the need to learn JavaScript
  • Batteries included: find a collection of ready-to-use add-ons providing typical B2B capabilities

Why You Should Use Jmix
to Build CRUD Applications?

  • JPA Entity designer

    Jmix features a visual Entity Designer that simplifies the creation of entities, eliminating the need to memorize all the rules and annotations. For those who prefer coding, Jmix offers assistance with smart code completion, actions, and inspections.
  • Generating basic CRUD views from templates

    Generate basic CRUD views using templates or start from scratch with the visual View Designer. There's no need for JavaScript. Jmix provides a declarative approach for designing view layouts, a rich collection of ready-to-use UI components, and a Java API for implementing view business logic.
  • Quick security setup

    Easily configure your application's access control system by specifying users, roles, and policies. Enjoy seamless integration with the data model, UI, and APIs. Jmix's security subsystem is built is based on Spring Security.
  • Reverse engineering

    Specify an existing datasource in your project, and Jmix will automatically scan the database schema. This allows to select tables and columns for generating JPA entities and attributes. Jmix also recognizes table relationships.
  • Database migration

    Jmix eliminates the need for manually writing database migration scripts. It automatically generates migration scripts in the Liquibase changelog format when changes to your JPA entities are detected. Upon application startup, Jmix updates the connected database accordingly.
  • Generic REST API

    The Jmix Generic REST API feature enables interaction with data model entities and business services without the need to write REST controllers. It automatically exposes endpoints for CRUD operations, respecting data access constraints imposed by the security subsystem.

Batteries included

Jmix is an ideal fit for
B2B CRUD application development

CRUD applications are highly versatile, finding utility across a wide range of industries and business functions:
  • Sales and Order Tracking: Manage customer data, generate quotes, track leads and orders.
  • Human Resources: Streamline employee records, leave management, attendance, and timesheet management.
  • E-commerce: Organize product catalogs and pricing.
  • Customer Support: Simplify the ticket management and resolution process.
  • Finance: Handle invoice generation and expense tracking, including invoice approvals.
  • Quality Control: Facilitate the creation and management of quality inspection records, defect data updates, and quality standards protocols.
  • Support and Maintenance: Oversee maintenance requests and incident reporting.

Key Takeaways - Why Choose Jmix?

  • 01


    Jmix is crafted to empower developers, offering productive tools while retaining the joy of coding in a familiar IntelliJ IDEA IDE.
  • 02

    Enhanced Productivity

    Jmix accelerates the development of internal tools and business applications by providing features for creating entities, UIs, and permissions. This enables developers to focus on the application's logic instead of repetitive coding tasks.
  • 03

    Future-Proof Technology Stack

    Jmix is based on Spring Boot, a well-established open-source framework, giving developers full control over the application's source code and enabling seamless integration with other Java technologies.
  • 04

    Jmix is Full-Stack

    With Jmix, the division between front-end and back-end development teams is no longer necessary. It offers an all-in-one solution for both, utilizing a single language — Java or Kotlin. This streamlined approach significantly reduces the codebase size, management complexity, and developer workload.

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