Eliminating Vendor Fees and Limitations

Replace expensive vendor solutions with applications you own and control

Typical Low Code and BPMS Platforms offer very low barriers to entry as well as extremely fast and free development. This makes them so tempting to choose for your next project. But when it’s time to rollout, you may face the other side of LCAP or BPMS: high fees tied to the number of users and consumed resources and complicated customization of anything beyond standard platform capabilities.
Sometimes you find yourself in a similar situation with SaaS products. When they work, they work great, but sometimes the “value for money” just isn’t right, or you get stuck with the limits of what can be customized. As a result, 29% of midsize enterprises reported in the Gartner survey that between 25% and 49% of the subscriptions with their top three SaaS vendors are currently idle.

The obvious way to overcome those challenges is migration to a custom developed solution. In this scenario, Jmix provides an efficient alternative to classic development

Highly productive
Data-centric development, visual tools and ready-to-use add-ons make Jmix extremely efficient for developing Line-of-business applications.
Open source and based on industry standards
Own what you build and rely on future-proof technology stack adopted by millions of developers worldwide.
No usage fees
Optimize TCO and eliminate scaling or distribution penalties.
Deploy anywhere
Control your application infrastructure and get rid of overpriced vendor offerings.