Supercharge your Jmix learning experience

Our training courses provide guided learning experience for your team, combining both theory and practice in an optimal way. They cut down onboarding time dramatically and ensure your team follows best development practices. With a professional training, your team can be ready to start your digital initiatives in just one week.
Configure your course

Configure your course

Already have experience with Jmix? Interested only in specific subjects? No worries! You can choose the training modules you need from the course catalog below, or we can suggest a tailored program for you. We provide discounts for training programs exceeding 20 hours.
Course Catalog (PDF)

What you get

  • Online or on-site training (available in countries with the representatives)
  • Training according to your learning track
  • Practical tasks with instructor's guidance
  • Instant feedback from instructor
  • Examination and certification
Community Forum

Community Forum

The community forum is a place where Jmix enthusiasts and team members help each other and exchange ideas. Join the community to get help, share your experience, improve your Jmix skills and learn faster.

Please contact us to configure your group or individual learning track