Jmix as a Headless CMS
and web-portal backend:

  • Flexible content management: Decouples backend from frontend for adaptability and speed.
  • Scalability and performance: Efficient handling of content delivery under high loads.
  • Customization and integration: Extensible architecture and seamless integration with existing systems.

Make sure to take the advantages of choosing Jmix
as 100% Java headless CMS

  • Docker-native product

    Be able to receive the ready artifact less than 30 min, universal for any infrastructure!
  • Cloud-based or fully on-premise

    Your decision, Jmix can do both, supporting Amazon Web Services by providing the mechanism of “one-click-deployment”.
  • Native REST API Support

    Feel free to integrate with any 3rd party external system. Jmix is handling your structured data with ready-made UI in one side and provides set of API in return.
  • Fine developer experience

    Jmix comes as a plugin for world’s most popular Java IDE - IntelliJ IDEA. Precise tool for proper tasks.
  • Scalability

    Whether it is a small-company back office system or a back-end solution for a portal with tens of thousands of active users, you are able to scale Jmix with right technologies (hey, k8s!).
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Learn how to build headless CMS
and web-end portal backend with Jmix

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