by Haulmont


Jmix Reports offers an embedded solution that enables end users to easily design and generate various reports, merging data from your application with user-friendly Office format templates, no specialized knowledge required.

Use Cases

  • Standard Document Generation: easily generate straightforward data presentations like invoices, POs, various forms straight from your application according to your business scenarios
  • Advanced Excel Analytics: use the full power of Excel to produce reports of anу complexity like complex analytical dashboards showcasing forecasts, performance metrics, and market trends
  • Data Export Solutions: Produce data export files like CSVs to exchange with external systems
  • User-Driven Reporting: Empower your users to create their own reports based on application data

Key Features

  • Familiar tools for creating templates: create your report's layout, data grouping, and crosstabs in XLSX, DOCX, ODT, HTML, CSV or any other text format as your templates

  • Access management: control access to specific reports from an administrative UI at runtime

  • Custom data sources: combine multiple data sources or connect custom data sources using a built-in wizard, SQL and other scripts or code

  • Multiple output formats: present your data in Office formats, PDF, HTML and others

Alternative Scenarios

  • Runtime designer: create reports with a step-by-step wizard at application runtime
  • Automated Execution: integrate pre-designed reports into automated processes
  • Reporting Service: set up a standalone service through a REST API to generate reports for external systems

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