Events & Webinars

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Recorded Webinars

  • How to make prototype and build business apps faster?
    In this session, we took a deeper look at how to make a massive impact on developer productivity. We discussed how you can build enterprise applications faster, increase time to value and decrease software license spending with open-source.
  • What's new in Jmix 1.4
    In this webinar we talked about new features and improvements in Jmix framework and Studio 1.4. We will also took a closer look at the new Flow UI and discussed future plans.
  • Got stuck with BPM limitations while implementing business processes automation?
    On this session we talked about BPMS in modern world and what Jmix can give you to proceed with business digitalization in the most effective and cost-effective way.
  • What's new in Jmix 1.5
    In this webinar, we'll discuss new features and improvements introduced in the latest Jmix version and talk about plans for the next releases.
  • Gaining cost savings and scalability for your digital products with multitenancy
    How does Jmix helps create Software-as-a-Service applications? First steps to implement multitenancy in your digital product.
  • How to build rich and flexible CMS 2x times faster?
    Our experts will share insights on the best approach for developing headless CMS combined with rich functionality and integrations. Jmix helps to break free from traditional CMS technical debt, easily customize and extend your project.