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Webinar: How to make prototype and build business apps faster?

In this session, we took a deeper look at how to make a massive impact on developer productivity. We discussed how you can build enterprise applications faster, increase time to value and decrease software license spending with open-source.

The topics on webinar agenda:

  • Introduction and agenda
  • Exploring ways to deliver applications faster: Traditional development, No-Code, Low-Code, Less-Code
  • Exploring developer personas
  • Major difference between development approaches
  • Comparison metrics: UI agility, business logic agility, time to market, integration capabilities, vendor independency
  • Technology comparison radar
  • Less-code platform: Jmix
  • Jmix platform components
  • Beyond development
  • Jmix target applications
  • A broad spectrum of applications
  • A perfect tool for legacy migration
  • Best option for ISVs
  • Key takeaways about Jmix
  • Q&A
Jmix is an open-source platform for building enterprise applications in Java