The most developer-friendly
application development platform

Jmix developers write code in IntelliJ IDEA and work with Spring Boot and other well-known frameworks. Jmix augments this with visual tools, code generation and high-level API to help you deliver results faster and keep business happy.

Ideal for Java and Kotlin
developers. Easy for newbies.

  • Use Java or Kotlin as a mono language to deliver
    the whole application
  • Enjoy seamless debugging and zero boilerplate for
    back ← → front communications
  • Learn fast with visual tools
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Open Source

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    Jmix framework is open-source and hosted on GitHub.
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    Open architecture, extensive documentation and active community mean that you would not hit a wall.
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    Jmix is based on Spring Boot, so you can leverage your experience and tap into its broad ecosystem.

Familiar Tools 

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    Jmix Studio is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Community or Ultimate edition. You can rely on its powerful code editing and debugging capabilities and combine with other IntelliJ IDEA plugins.
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    Visual designers, smart hints and code generators take care of the boring stuff, so you can focus on what’s important.
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    You can use your existing toolchain and infrastructure like Git or CI/CD tools.
Technically, with Jmix you can implement anything that is possible in Java. At the same time, the framework has tools for rapid development of business applications and solutions for standard tasks, for example, creating entities and forms, which helps to concentrate on the app logic.
Nikita Ledenev, Senior Java Developer

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