Accelerate digital initiatives without inflating
license costs 

Accelerate applications

  • Empower your team with a productive application development and business processes automation platform 
  • Create functional business capabilities and reuse across the organization to shorten the delivery time of future digital initiatives
  • Quickly onboard junior developers or facilitate migration from obsolete technologies
  • Ensure efficient collaboration with business stakeholders with rapid application development approach facilitated by Jmix
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Reduce software spending

  • Developer-based pricing model means typical license fees are 5-10 times lower compared to using a popular Low Code platform. 
  • You completely own the applications built with Jmix and can use them at any scale without any charges. 

Build with confidence and for the future 

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    Open architecture means Jmix developers have complete control over code and resolve business challenges without fighting framework limitations. 
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    New releases of Jmix bring timely and rigorously tested updates of the whole underlying technologies stack, helping to keep your applications modern and secure with minimal efforts. 
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    Jmix platform facilitates unified approach for application development across the organization, reducing support overheads.
In 2019, our team started working on a project for the Brunei government. The system required a user-friendly interface. We didn’t have much experience in building web UI. So, we searched for a development environment that provided out-of-the-box features for building UIs with in-built security and compatibility with previous database structures. And found the CUBA Platform (now Jmix), a perfect fit for our project. The solution was launched in February 2020.
Stelios Savva, Card Access Services General Manager
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Check up the application development flow with a short Quickstart video

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