Jmix combines mainstream web technologies into a powerful environment, responding to modern development standards and common requirements of business applications.

Dec 03
Framework v.1.1.1
Based on Spring Boot

Jmix naturally adopts the features of Spring, so you can rely on its wide ecosystem and apply your expertise gained before. If you’re new to Spring, Jmix provides a guided way to get started.


The enterprise-grade architecture makes modularization practically 
trivial - split your task into a number of loosely coupled parts, develop them separately and assemble together into a comprehensive solution. As an example, check out a wide range of commonly used add-ons available on the Jmix marketplace.


The framework is designed to be scalable both vertically and horizontally. It provides an API and tools to deploy your application in highly-available configuration both on premise or in the clouds.


Jmix applications are compatible with the most popular RDBMS and run in any Java servlet container. They can be distributed as WAR, Docker or UberJar.

Backoffice UI

Generic UI module is aimed for the rapid development of backoffice and administrative frontends in Java or other JVM languages. It provides a rich collection of UI components with seamless data-binding along with all necessary infrastructure for data manipulation and validation, business logic invocation, internationalization, session management, access control and more.


Generic REST API supports authentication, CRUD operations, custom data fetching and business logic invocation. Swagger documentation is generated automatically, so it can be easily integrated with a third party system or consumed by any client application.

Customer-facing UI

Unlike backoffice frontends, customer-facing UI often implies mobile-first design with unique elements and high load requirements. In response, Jmix provides TypeScript SDK and a generator to boost the development of React or React Native frontends.

Packed with enterprise features

Enterprise features
Spring boot
Intellij Idea
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