A robust open-source foundation for line-of-business (LOB) applications

Jmix Framework leverages the power of Spring – a de-facto standard in Java web applications development. Jmix developers can easily tap into its wide ecosystem and utilize their previous expertise. Spring core guarantees high scalability and support for any deployment options – from local to public clouds.

One language

With Jmix, you can use just one language – Java or Kotlin to build the entire application. Mono language coding simplifies staffing, eliminates fragmented responsibility between front- and backend teams and boosts productivity. One developer can implement a complete feature from the data model and business logic to UI in a single IDE with superior debugging capabilities.

Powerful data manipulation features

Line-of-business or LOB applications frequently rely on an extensive data model, with data stored in relational databases. Jmix framework provides support for:
  • Advanced visual components for data filtering, eliminating the need to hard code queries or their parameter
  • Transparent and efficient application of security constraints at data load throughout the whole application
  • Soft deletion, so you can restore any deleted entity and easily maintain data retention policies
  • Audit, enabling tracking all changes to the critical bits of data
  • Declarative definition of data graphs to be loaded

Fine-grained access control

Large enterprise solutions introduce complex authorization requirements. The implementation may result in an unmanageable horde of "if" statements scattered around the code.

Jmix security subsystem offers declarative configuration of access to:

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    Screen and menu items
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    Data model on entities and attributes level
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    Data matching certain criteria, e.g. documents belonging to a user’s department
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    Custom tokens for protecting specific bits of business logic
With Jmix, a developer can configure advanced access control rules with minimal efforts and ensure their complete transparency.

Enterprise-grade web UI

Jmix UI framework offers everything to deliver hundreds of modern-looking, functional and secured screens in record time:

Simple Integration with Anything

Jmix offers seamless reuse of thousands of libraries and connectors to the most popular software from Spring and Java ecosystems.

Generic REST API provides controlled access to your data for external applications, or you can easily expose custom endpoints to offer tailored API.