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Webinar: How to build rich and flexible CMS 2x times faster?

In this webinar, we discussed the best approach for the development backend system with rich functionality. You will learn why multi-awarded digital agency Red Collar chose Jmix over PHP Laravel in their project. If you're looking for a powerful and flexible backend system for your webportal, don't miss out on this informative session.

The topics on webinar agenda:

  • Introduction and agenda
  • Assumptions
  • Typical tasks for robust web-portal
  • Backend development steps
  • Jmix components
  • Jmix architecture
  • Backoffice UI
  • UI attitude with Vaadin
  • What about other UI technologies?
  • Reasons for better productivity
  • Red Collar case study: about Red Collar agency
  • Project requirements
  • Creative frontend
  • Common architecture
  • Data
  • Why Jmix? Spring-compatible, scalable, secure
  • Results of Red Collar case study
  • Q&A
Jmix is an open-source platform for building enterprise applications in Java