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Webinar: What's new in Jmix 2.1

In this webinar, we talked about new features and improvements in Jmix framework and Studio 2.1. We also took a closer look at the new features and discussed future plans. You can see recording of webinar on our youtube channel.

The topics on webinar agenda:

  • From Cuba 7.2 to Jmix 2.1 Recap
  • What's new in release Jmix 2.1: Overview
  • New add-ons: Dynamic Attributes, Notifications, Search, WebDav, Maps (Preview), Bulk Editor, JMX Console
  • BPM improvements
  • Data Grid improvements
  • UI improvements. New components: VirtualList, HTML. New facets: Settings, Timer. Fetching Items in DropDowns.
  • Studio improvements: View designer improvements, Injection by code completion, Support for data repositories, Commenting data model
  • Future releases: Charts add-ons, Completed maps add-on, ReachTextArea component, Hot deployment of BPM definitions, Data repositories in UI views
  • What does Jmix stand for?
  • Jmix ranks among the top 5 Java web frameworks in G2 Grid for Java Framework
  • A single tool to deliver process-driven application
  • Q&A session
Jmix is an open-source platform for building enterprise applications in Java