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Webinar "Got stuck with BPM limitations?"

On this session we talked about BPMS in modern world and what Jmix can give you to proceed with business digitalization in the most effective and cost-effective way.

The topics on webinar agenda:

  • Introduction.
  • History of BPMN
  • Why should I care about BPMN in 2022?
  • Evolution of BPMN
  • Business processes automation nowadays
  • Typical BPM limitations: data validation, siloed data, integrations, business logic
  • Jmix approach
  • Open-source advantages
  • About Jmix
  • Components of Jmix.
  • BPM designer in Jmix
  • How to use BPM addon
  • Demo scenario. Practical example: Jmix bookstore. Different roles of users
  • Development process of performing a supplier order in Jmix
  • Process instance editor in Jmix
  • Implementing notification on new order
  • Administrative possibilities to manage system
Jmix is an open-source platform for building enterprise applications in Java