Business Calendars

by Haulmont
  • Latest Version 2.3.0-RC1
  • Updated 2 weeks ago
  • Supported in Jmix v1.2-2.2
  • License Commercial
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Jmix Business Calendar add-on is designed for managing business calendars, including holidays, scheduled, and additional business days and hours.

Use Cases

  • Inclusive business planning: tailor your scheduling by integrating business-specific calendars, adapting for holidays and special business days to enhance planning efficiency.
  • Automate time management: use the business calendar API for date and time calculations adhering to actual business hours.

Key Features

  • Flexible calendar implementation: create and manage calendars at application runtime via the UI or at design time through annotated Java interfaces.
  • Working hours validation: check if specific dates and times fall within designated working hours using the business calendar API.

Install the add-on to easily bring precision and flexibility to your business scheduling processes.