by Haulmont


Integrate your Jmix Application with your existing LDAP system for a straightforward user management experience.

Use Cases

  • Centralized User Management: synchronize users and their roles between LDAP and your Jmix application with minimal configuration.
  • Consistent User Data Synchronization: control how user details are updated between LDAP and your Jmix application.

Key Features

  • Straightforward Configuration: easily set up server details and credentials for LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Role and Attribute Mapping: link LDAP group names and user attributes to Jmix roles and permissions.
  • In-Memory User Option: opt to store users solely in LDAP, avoiding duplicate data management efforts.
  • Trusted Security Framework: use pre-configured security setup based on Spring Security LDAP, with options for customization.

Cut down on LDAP setup time, install the add-on to get started!