Elevate your application with interactive maps and spatial data visualization. Choose your map provider and customize your map layers with ease.

Use Cases

  • Visualize custom content: use an image layer to display custom images to make complex or abstract data more intuitively understood.
  • Resource allocation and logistics: plan routes and optimize deliveries to improve resource allocation and logistics.
  • Dynamic data visualization: Display real-time data like weather patterns or traffic updates in various sectors, such as transportation or urban planning.
  • Contextual data visualization: Employ data binding in maps to provide context-specific information, aiding in sectors like real estate or environmental studies.

Key Features

  • Multiple layer options:
o Image layer for adding specific images like floor plans or historical maps. Provides a static, fixed visual layer on your map.

o Tile layer for creating standard map views. Utilize tiled map services like XYZ or OpenStreetMap to display detailed, scalable maps.

o Vector layer for displaying dynamic data or bind data from the application. Attach data vectors to shapes, lines, or points for interactive map visualizations.

  • Multi-layered visualization: combine various layers in a single map for a multi-dimensional view.

To get started with the mapping solution now, install the addon.