by Haulmont
  • Latest Version 0.9.0
  • Updated 3 months
  • Supported Version v0.3-0.9
  • Licence Apache 2.0
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The add-on helps you to enrich your application with visual representation and intuitive manipulation for spatial data. You can use a preferable map provider that meets your needs.

The component integrates spatial types (point, polyline, polygon) from JTS Topology Suite (JTS) — the most popular Java library for working with spatial data.

The add-on supports a traditional multi-layer structure commonly used in professional GIS systems. The layers are represented as structural units of maps.

You can use the following types of layers:

  • Raster layers that consist of raster images. Can be provided by XYZ tiles services or Web Map Services.
  • Vector layers that contain geo-objects — entities with geometry attributes.

The add-on supports drawing and interactive editing of geo-entities and provides features for geoanalysis: heatmaps and clustering.