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Rapid and cost-effective application development

Jmix is an open-source platform for building enterprise business applications in Java. Jmix helps you to create feature-rich applications with less code, saving you time, effort and IT budget.

  1. Push the business forward

  2. 01

    Enable digital transformation

    Jmix general purpose open architecture based on future-proof technology stack is capable to support various digital initiatives across the organization.
  3. 02

    Improve business resilience

    Jmix applications are indeed yours and can be supported independently thanks to open-source runtime utilizing mainstream technologies. Your data is secure with a server-side frontend development model and fine-grained access control.
  4. 03

    Simplify staffing

    Any Java or Kotlin developer is a full-stack Jmix developer - you don’t need separate backend and frontend teams. Visual tools help onboarding developers who have little experience or move from an obsolete stack.
  5. 04

    Modernize your applications

    Jmix’s data centric approach and a single development language make it a natural fit to migrate legacy applications.
  6. 05

    Build with confidence

    Jmix developers work with widely adopted open-source stack and convenient API instead of relying on proprietary black box frameworks.
  7. 06

    Cut license costs

    Unlike most application development platforms, there are no fees for using the applications you’ve built.
  8. 07

    Get more projects done faster

    Jmix supercharges your team with high productivity tools and ready-to-use components.
Built for developers

Built for developers

  1. 1
    Leveraging mainstream open-source technologies
  2. 2
    Java/Kotlin as a mono language for seamless development and debugging
  3. 3
    Powered by IntelliJ IDEA – the world’s most popular developer IDE
Jmix for Developers

Trusted and battle-proven

Jmix and its previous generation CUBA Platform are used by thousands of developers and companies worldwide. 
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Customer Stories
<p>Streamlining Print Production Management with Jmix</p>
Professional Services

Streamlining Print Production Management with Jmix

Development of software on Jmix that effectively manages the production of printed products and seamlessly interfaces with other specialized printing software.
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<p>Development a CRM solution for non-profit organization</p>

Development a CRM solution for non-profit organization

How non-profit organization, Fundacion Educacional Arco Iris Bajo el Sol, leveraged Jmix to develop a CRM system for improving education and treatment for children with cognitive disabilities.
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<p>Building a feature-packed CMS for the website in just 3 weeks</p>
Professional Services

Building a feature-packed CMS for the website in just 3 weeks

Development of a complete backend of website with the automation of the catalog and job openings and feedback from customers in 2 weeks.
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<p>Compiler develops a bespoke ecommerce platform for the maritime industry using Jmix</p>
Logistics and Transportation

Compiler develops a bespoke ecommerce platform for the maritime industry using Jmix

Development of fully functional ecommerce platform for more than 6000 of users by 1 developer.
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<p>IT Consultores modernizes operational banking system and reporting software platform</p>
Banking and Financial Services

IT Consultores modernizes operational banking system and reporting software platform

Modernization of operational banking system for the South American markets, grow of market share and Design Talent Awards with Jmix.
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<p><strong>3-Fold Revenue Growth</strong> of a Debt Recovery Agency</p>
Professional Services

3-Fold Revenue Growth of a Debt Recovery Agency

Business process automation providing competitive differentiation.
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<p><strong>TAB Bank gains internal process</strong> excellence to reduce costs while expanding the business</p>
Banking and Financial Services

TAB Bank gains internal process excellence to reduce costs while expanding the business

Complex automation systems for a bank from the USA.
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<p><strong>Electricity North West UK significantly reduced</strong> revenue losses impacted by metal theft incidents and flooding</p>

Electricity North West UK significantly reduced revenue losses impacted by metal theft incidents and flooding

Dynamic risk management through numerous data sources and business processes.
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<p><strong>Corporate-level Talent Management</strong> IT System in 6.5 Months</p>
Professional Services

Corporate-level Talent Management IT System in 6.5 Months

Enterprise-level HR management system.
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<p><strong>A Government Billing System</strong> from Scratch by Card Access Services</p>
Banking and Financial Services

A Government Billing System from Scratch by Card Access Services

Digitalization of the whole country’s payment system.
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<p><strong>Ingenico connects Jira with the legacy project management system</strong> by the Pipe in 3 months</p>
Banking and Financial Services

Ingenico connects Jira with the legacy project management system by the Pipe in 3 months

A comprehensive task management environment for a global leader in secure electronic transactions systems.
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<p><strong>Innovative Disaster Management</strong> by Consorzio Metis</p>
Professional Services

Innovative Disaster Management by Consorzio Metis

A solution for monitoring natural disasters and managing the damage control.
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<p><strong>Varasset Migrates</strong> from Legacy to Modern Open-source Stack in 8 Months</p>

Varasset Migrates from Legacy to Modern Open-source Stack in 8 Months

A configurable software solution for the power and communications industries.
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Highly rated by both critics and users.
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A Complete Application Development Platform

  • Powerful Tools

    Reach new productivity levels with a visual development environment augmenting the world’s leading code editing capabilities of IntelliJ Platform. Create and edit data model, screens, UI theme, queries visually or in code.
  • Secure Server-Side UI Development

    Write and debug backend and web frontend code in Java with the same IDE. No need to care about web development peculiarities. Plug in alternative UI clients if needed for a highly customized web or mobile experience.
  • Add-ons Marketplace

    Speed up time to market by selecting from a rich collection of ready-to-use add-ons implementing typical business requirements. Create and reuse your business-specific components across organization.
  • Business Process Automation

    Automate business processes and internal workflows with visual BPMN and DMN designers, seamlessly integrated with forms, users and business logic.
  • Enterprise-Grade Framework

    Rely on the vast Spring Boot ecosystem extended with advanced data manipulation features, fine-grained security model and more.
  • DevOps and Cloud

    Build self-hosted or cloud-native applications. Deploy anywhere. Configure DevOps automatically without specialized expertise (coming soon).