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New Jmix course on Udemy

Jmix is thrilled to present a new free Udemy course "Rapid Application Development with Jmix". Designed for both new and professional developers, this course offers a comprehensive dive into efficient full-stack web application creation using Jmix.

What you’ll learn

  • Construct full-stack web applications with Java and Jmix.
  • Utilize Jmix Studio and its visual toolkit to simplify data modeling and DDL operations.
  • Dive into various open-source Java technologies that are the cornerstone of Jmix.
  • Cover the fundamentals of application security and deployment.

Who this course is for

  • Novice developers ready to develop a real web application while learning core concepts.
  • Skilled developers searching for innovative tools to boost their efficiency.
  • Anyone interested in creating web applications powered by open-source technologies.

Enroll now and start your journey to becoming proficient in Jmix.

Jmix is an open-source platform for building enterprise applications in Java