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    Maintenance releases for CUBA 6 versions

    Not so long ago we've announced the major release of CUBA Platform - CUBA 7. Nevertheless, CUBA Team provides support for the previous versions of the platform. We're going to continue releasing 6.2-6.10 versions with security and bug fixes.

    Don't miss our latest maintenance releases with security fixes and fixes for Firefox 67.

    The last fixes are caused by the breaking change in Firefox 67.0 that overrides any variable with name u2f. This breaks many Vaadin and GWT applications because the minifier quite quickly starts using u2f as a function or variable name. That’s why we’ve released the following maintenance versions of the platform:

    • 6.2.10
    • 6.3.8
    • 6.4.7
    • 6.5.10
    • 6.6.8
    • 6.7.15
    • 6.8.18
    • 6.9.10
    • 6.10.10

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