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    A Major Release of the CUBA Platform is Coming

    We are happy to announce the new release of the CUBA Platform is getting closer, with only a couple of weeks until the release, let’s take a look at what will the new version bring.

    Java 8

    Firstly, the platform will support the newest version of Java. Consequently, all the features, bells and whistles of Java 8 will be available for your CUBA applications.

    With the new version you will be able to extensively use Lambda Expressions, Method References, Stream API and other Java 8 features.

    Eclipse Link

    As you may know, CUBA currently employes OpenJPA as an ORM engine, but due to OpenJPA not supporting the latest JPA specification, OpenJPA will be substituted with EclipseLink. The new ORM, EclipseLink, will enable JPA 2.1 standard and allow the CUBA Platform to evolve further.

    EclipseLink enables you to use database functions in JPQL and calling stored procedures, as well as gives you more control when loading object graphs. These powerful features will allow you to improve the performance of database operations.


    Deployment to aPaaS cloud providers is impressively simplified. You can now deploy and run your CUBA application in popular aPaaS: IBM Bluemix, Pivotal Cloud Foundry or RedHat OpenShift.

    The CUBA Studio

    Thank you for your recent feedback, from this the CUBA Studio now brings a number of further improvements:

    • The visual scaling has been improved when using the browser zoom function
    • More options of the standard (CRUD) screens auto-generation have been added
    • The screen designer layout has been improved
    • The new dark visual theme is now available and the light theme is coming soon

    This is just the beginning, the full list of changes will be available with the platform when the new version is released.

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