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    Marketplace Goes Live!

    These days we are starting the Marketplace - an all-new ecosystem around CUBA platform. From now and on developers can pick & choose new features from an add-on catalog on our website to enrich their apps with no hassle. The catalog consists of the add-ons which were developed either by Haulmont or by CUBA community. Both free and paid components can be found there.

    We call you for participation and will be grateful if you find time and submit your free or paid components to the Marketplace. Please, fill out the form if you decide to do so.

    We are doing our best in keeping your expectations fulfilled. Marketplace is an important milestone we have passed following our public roadmap. If you have any ideas on how to improve its content or appearance, please, post a message in the dedicated topic on our forum.

    To keep you informed, we are going to upload the following add-ons later this year:

    • WebDAV
    • LDAP
    • IMAP
    • Rich Search

    Looking forward to see your add-on in the catalog!

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