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    Marketplace: Updates Summary

    It’s been half a year since the launch of the Marketplace. Within this period we’ve carried out a number of improvements, such as new components publications and creating of a special forum category. Our community have done its bit for the Marketplace progress, and we expect to keep the same pace of our community and services development.

    Those six months have brought us more components, including such powerful tools as CUBA CLI and CUBA WebDAV. The full list looks the following way:

    Components by Haulmont:
    • Rich Search - designed to search for various types of objects like menu items using a single search field;
    • Masquerade - a set of libraries for automating user interface testing and ensuring regressions get caught;
    • LDAP - enables integration with a directory server, including authentication, roles and access groups assignment;
    • Global Events - enables receiving Spring's application events on any application block of the distributed system;
    • Multitenancy - an implementation of a single database multi-tenancy support for CUBA applications;
    • IMAP - enables email processing in a CUBA-based application via the IMAP protocol;
    • CUBA WebDAV - provides your CUBA application with powerful functionality for collaborative work on documents in various formats;
    • CUBA CLI - a command line utility that enables you to easily create projects based on CUBA Platform;
    Components by community members:
    • Wizard - lets you create UI wizards through a specific UI component DSL (by Mario David);
    • Testery - efficient exploratory testing with as much automation as possible ( by Mario David);
    • Taggable - lets you enhance your entities with a generic tagging functionality(by Mario David);
    • Xero - lets you easily integrate with the Xero API (by Mario David);
    • SW-responsive - a convenient wrapper for the corresponding Vaadin add-on (a component by Yury Artamonov);
    • Duplicates Detection - allows you to configure duplicates detection rules for entities (by 909 Technologies);
    • Dynamic Columns - adds dynamic (user created) columns support for Table components; (by Paolo Furini).

    As you can see, both our team and community have done a great job. Submit your own component and become part of CUBA Team, too!

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