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    Migrating a Legacy Application to CUBA Platform

    Sometimes it appears that the underlying stack of technologies used for an application is no longer appropriate for further software development and support. It may happen for a big variety of reasons: used technology is old and not supported anymore; legacy application doesn't meet new technical or customer requirements, that are hardly implementable using the old stack; or, finally, you have to support an application developed by a 3rd party company, but don't have enough experience and confidence in the used technology.

    So, what if you got to the point when your legacy application should be migrated? We decided to provide a step by step guide and show how to modernize a legacy application with minimum efforts, taking the LightSwitch platform as an example, which has officially been abandoned by Microsoft. CUBA Studio comes along with its migration tool, which streamlines the migration process and makes it very straightforward and transparent. To demonstrate how it works in practice we moved the Vision Clinic LightSwitch sample application to CUBA Platform and described all steps on the official platform GitHub.



    So, if you are interested in modernization of a legacy application, you are welcome to evaluate the migration facilities of Studio by following the instructions. We are also open for your feedback and ideas of how it can be improved; post your thoughts and questions on the support forum or discuss it with the community on Gitter.

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