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    CUBA WebDAV Addon Published

    The CUBA WebDAV Addon has been published on the Marketplace! The Addon provides your CUBA application with powerful functionality for collaborative work on documents in various formats. Automated migration from the standard CUBA file storage simplifies adding WebDAV support to existing projects.

    Key features:

    • Seamlessly open, edit and save documents in MS Office (and other applications that support WebDAV) apps straight from the server, without cumbersome manual saving to local disk and uploading back to server.
    • Visual components to work with files and versions for the generic CUBA UI.
    • Full support for collaborative work and file versioning, manageable both from the client application and CUBA UI.
    • Configurable conflict resolution policies.
    • Easy files access control management via full integration with CUBA Platform security subsystem.
    • Access to files from external systems using static links.
    • REST API.

    The files and versions are stored on top of the standard CUBA file storage, so there is no need for an external WebDAV server.

    WebDAV is a commercial addon, licensed separately from Studio. The addon is licensed per organization, so the price does not depend on the number of developers. Other terms are same as for the Premium Addons:

    • unlimited number of developers, servers and projects
    • access to the source code repository
    • the right to distribute the addon as part of your applications without restrictions
    • all upgrades during the subscription period
    • The right to continue using previously downloaded versions after subscription expiry

    Trial version is included in Studio & Addons trial. More information is available in the marketplace.

    Note: if you already have a commercial Studio subscription, you can add WebDAV license to it in your account.

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