by Mario David


Instead of spending too much time and money maintaining a selenium test suite, Sneferu is the way to have very good test coverage and quality assurance at a fraction of the cost.

Via its easy-to-read language you can create integration tests that are optimized for readability, because this is what matters most for keeping a test suite maintainable & cheap to operate.

Sneferu enables you to:

  • verify any business logic in a Screen Controller
  • ensure the correct linking between a Screen XML and its Controller counterpart
  • verify correct display of any programmatic creation of Screen Components / Dialogs
  • verify the data loading from the database through declarative data loading

What Sneferu does not cover:

  • perform client-side JS based Vaadin UI logic that is executed only in the browser (like showing the date picker popup where it is possible to select a particular date)
  • verify rendering issues in the browser