An open-source technology for migrating your Microsoft Access data-centric applications to a modern cloud-ready technology stack

Create web applications to view and manipulate data
from any relational database.

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Get most popular MS Access features

  • Data model

    Design the data model and configure validations visually without a single line of code. Supports all popular relational database management systems as well as file-server database.

  • Query designer

    Generate and edit the JPQL statements with the visual query designer while learning the structure and syntax. Developers find it very similar to SQL.

  • Admin screens for basic CRUD operations

    Generate basic CRUD screens for your data model in a few clicks with visual designer and built-in templates.

  • Built-in report engine

    Export reports in docx, xlsx, odt, HTML, pdf formats. Create complex multi-tiered reports with diagrams and configure access to them.

  • Web access

    Access your business applications via the web browser without any additional software installations.

  • Working with attachments

    Easily manage files within your application adopting a dedicated File Storage feature. It provides a unified interface for accessing files and referring to them from the data model.

Enhance your line-of-business application with
enterprise-grade features

  • 01

    Security model

    Jmix provides enterprise-grade security mechanisms to ensure users can login and have access to only the data & functionality they need.

  • 02

    Enterprise-grade BPM engine

    Shape your workflows around data processing with a professional BPMN modeler and get them running. You can design processes both in development environment and in runtime.

  • 03

    Deployment freedom

    Jmix applications can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Use default AWS one-click deployment feature to simplify application delivery across the organisation.

  • 04

    User interface customisation

    You can create customised application themes according to your branding guidelines and enhance user experience with custom web-components.

  • 05


    Generic REST provide controlled access to your data for external applications, or you can easily expose custom endpoints to offer tailored API.

  • 06

    No runtime fees

    Stay in line with your budget limitations as applications created with Jmix belong to the creator. Thanks to an open-source core of the platform.

Jmix Bookstore - Northwind Traders based on Jmix

Jmix Bookstore is a sample application with the data model similar to Northwind Traders.
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