Video Go through tutorials and webinars that explain general concepts & techniques in detail.

Jmix Introduction for Developers

Learn about key features of Jmix in the short video

Working with Data

Learn how to develop data model, connect to data sources,
load and save entities

Security Basics

Explore built-in authentication and authorization
in Jmix applications

UI Development Basics (for Jmix v.1)

Learn screen layout rules, data binding
and UI event handling

'Rent Your Stuff' Video Series

This video series shows how to create a real world rental business SaaS application called 'Rent your Stuff' with Jmix.
It covers:

  • Data modelling
  • Validating data with Bean Validation
  • UI development and concepts like data loading in the UI
  • Using Jmix add-ons like Multitenancy
  • Automated testing of all functionality (unit & integration tests for business logic and UI)
  • Setting up CI via Github Actions
  • Deploying application to Heroku