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    CUBA Tutorial Videos

    CUBA team introduces up-to-date video tutorials that aim to reveal the most important and useful features of the platform and its instruments.

    First of all, we’ve updated the Quick Start video guide. Now it guides through CUBA Studio 12 and shows how to develop a very simple, but fully functional conference planner application.

    Also, we started a series of CUBA Add-ons tutorials. They show how simple it is to embed the Dashboards, Maps, Email Templates and IMAP add-ons functionality in your application.

    And finally our latest guide - a short video about deploying an application to the cloud environment through the example of Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

    We plan to continue releasing new tutorial videos for you. We are already working on BProc, WebDAV and LDAP add-ons tutorials and other CUBA short guides, so subscribe to our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts to keep informed and wait for more video tutorials!

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