by Haulmont
  • Latest Version 2.6.2
  • Updated 3 months ago
  • Supported Version v6.8-7.2
  • License Commercial
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CUBA WebDAV add-on provides your CUBA application with powerful functionality for collaborative work on documents in various formats.

The add-on enables the WebDAV protocol over the standard CUBA file storage API. It also provides UI components that expose WebDAV functions to the GUI level as well as REST API that allows users to manipulate with file storage from third-party clients.


  • Operating with documents in applications that support WebDAV (MS Office, for example) straight from the server. No need in saving manually to the local disk and uploading back to the server.
  • Visual components to work with files and versions for the generic CUBA UI.
  • Full support for collaborative work and file versioning, manageable both from the client application and CUBA UI.
  • Configurable conflict resolution policies.
  • Simple management of file access control via full integration with CUBA Platform security subsystem.
  • Access to files from external systems using static links.

Files and versions are stored on top of the standard CUBA file storage, so there is no need for an external WebDAV server.

Automated migration

If you already have a file storage application and want to enhance it, use the migration tool included in the add-on. It enables or disables WebDAV support for existing file descriptors in your data model.


Please note that to install the add-on you must have the WebDAV add-on subscription.

Follow the documentation for installation instructions.


The add-on is licensed per company and includes:

  • Unlimited number of developers, servers, and projects.
  • Access to the source code repository.
  • The right to distribute the add-on as part of your applications without restrictions.
  • All upgrades during the subscription period.
  • The right to continue using previously downloaded versions after subscription expiry.

The pricing is reduced for individual developers. You can use Individual pricing if you are developing a project on your own (e.g. as a freelancer) and you are paying for Studio with personal funds. Individuals can acquire only one license key per account.