Sampler contains over 150 examples of using CUBA visual components and containers. Each example includes source code, description and links to documentation.

  • Pet Clinic

    Pet Clinic is a simple demo CUBA Platform application running in read-only mode. It is based on the commonly known Spring Petclinic example. The source code is on Github.

  • Helium editor

    Online showcase of the Helium theme. Contains editor which allows to create and work on custom color presets for Helium.

  • Pet Clinic (React UI)

    Pet Clinic sample with alternative UI based on React. The source code is on Github.

  • Responsive Dashboard

    The Dashboard application demonstrates responsive design for phones, tablets and desktops. You can open this application on your desktop or mobile device and see how the screen with table, map and charts adapts to the display size. The screens are implemented using the CssLayout component. The source code is on Github.