Email Templates

by Haulmont
  • Latest Version 1.4.2
  • Updated 31 months ago
  • Supported Version v6.10-7.2
  • License Apache 2.0
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Enables creating and configuring outbound email templates containing a constant body and variable parameters. A template is created in the visual HTML designer or by using reports.

The add-on provides a visual HTML editor with the extensive set of HTML elements. To place an HTML element in a template just drag and drop it into a template body.

Sending emails from templates can be set as a reaction to different events in your application. You can preset recepients, configure parameters and upload attachment files to be sent with emails.


  • Visual HTML templates builder based on GrapesJS JavaScript library.
  • HTML reports as a base for outbound emails body.
  • Downloading/uploading HTML code of a template.
  • User interface for configuring and managing templates.


Video Tutorial