Image Cropper

by CUBA Platform China
  • Latest Version 1.1.1
  • Updated 30 months ago
  • Supported Version v7.1
  • License Apache 2.0
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In modern enterprise applications, uploading images is a popular requirement, for example, upload ID Card images, avatar images or image attachments, etc. Almost all applications have restrictions on image size in order to reduce upload time and stored file size.

Generally, if the original image does not fit the size requirement, we need to process the raw image to fit the application restriction. This component will be helpful for processing the original image.


  • Based on the Croppie Project, so investigating that project will be helpful before using this component
  • Working with FileUploadField from CUBA
  • A simple API for using the component
  • Options for customizing the component appearance, cropping area, image quality, etc
  • Reviewing the cropping result in real time