by Haulmont
  • Latest Version 1.3.1
  • Updated 19 months ago
  • Supported Version v7.0-7.2
  • License Commercial
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CUBA Maps gives you an easy way to enrich your application with visual representation and intuitive manipulation for spatial data. It provides all required features to build a comprehensive geographical information system on CUBA.

The add-on supports the traditional multi-layer structure, so it gives full freedom to create well-structured maps of any content.


  • Integrates spatial types (point, polyline, polygon) from Java Topology Suite - the most popular Java library for working with spatial data.
  • Introduces a visual component for Generic UI with rich and clear API.
  • Supports drawing and interactive editing of geo-entities - entities with geometry attributes.
  • Compatible with the Web Map Service protocol as well as XYZ tile services.
  • Provides features for geoanalysis: heatmaps and clustering.
  • Has no runtime licensing.


Please note that to install the add-on you must have the Maps add-on subscription.

Follow the documentation for installation instructions.


The add-on is licensed per company and includes:

  • Unlimited number of developers, servers, and projects.
  • Access to the source code repository.
  • The right to distribute the add-on as part of your applications without restrictions.
  • All upgrades during the subscription period.
  • The right to continue using previously downloaded versions after subscription expiry.

The pricing is reduced for individual developers. You can use Individual pricing if you are developing a project on your own (e.g. as a freelancer) and you are paying for Studio with personal funds. Individuals can acquire only one license key per account.


Video Tutorial