Timesheet Management Add-on

by ByteForge
  • Updated 3 months ago
  • Supported in Jmix v2.2
  • License Apache 2.0
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The Jmix Timesheet Management add-on offers a suite of out-of-the-box functionalities for tracking time across tasks and projects.

Featuring an integrated calendar, this add-on provides a transparent overview of workloads and facilitates easy management of worklogs with its intuitive interface. It also allows for the generation of detailed reports based on criteria like project, epic, and worklog author. Additionally, it offers a sophisticated, multi-level approval workflow for time entries, customizable to meet different decision-making and control requirements.

Key Features:

Interactive Calendar View:

  • Visual representation of daily, weekly, and monthly time entries.
  • Color-coded entries for quick identification of different task types.
  • Easy navigation through months and weeks with forward and backward controls.

Customizable Time Entries:

  • Ability to log different types of work
  • Option to add custom categories tailored to your business needs.

Effortless Time Logging:

  • Quick entry system allowing bulk operations.
  • Support for partial hours and minute-wise time tracking.

Approval Workflow:

  • Configurable multi-level approval process for time entries.
  • Notifications for approvers and feedback mechanism for employees.
  • Audit trail for all approvals and modifications.

Reports and Analytics:

  • Real-time calculation of total hours spent per day and accumulation over the week.
  • Monthly overview with total hours displayed for comprehensive analysis.
  • Exportable data for external analysis and reporting.
  • Reports can be generated based on criteria such as project, epic, worklog author, issue, and more, providing flexibility in data selection

User Management:

  • Role-based access control to ensure appropriate permission levels.

Use Cases:

This addon works best for the following use cases:

  • Legal professionals and consultants tracking billable hours and maintaining accurate records of client-related work.
  • IT departments logging time on support and project work.
  • Marketing agencies managing campaign and creative development time.
  • Educational institutions and training providers can track instructor time and course development efforts.